Ultramod supports small businesses in their online development. We provide simple, practical advice to business owners as well as a range of complimentary services

S mall business owners should stick to what they do best. Our consultation and advice service gives you the support and skills needed to firstly establish an effective on-line presence,  but also provide  more effective back office administration systems, social media strategies and link building campaigns. In the 21st century, someone supporting your web related activities is as important as an accountant is in aiding your financial management. The focus always remains on two constants – driving sales up and pushing costs down.


Eeffective web marketing requires a whole range of simple tasks being completed. Some of these are one offs and some may be monthly activities. No matter what is required, we have a team of staff on hand who have the right knowledge or experience to be able to provide you with the sort of support needed by website owners. Choose from a range of SEO packages or ask us to provide one off bespoke web services. We can also advise you on what activities we feel your site will benefit from and how these will support your business.

Web Services

Our approach to web design is entirely different to traditional web designers. By working exclusively with small businesses and using open source solutions, we aim to get websites up and running in one to two days from as little as £150. Change happens quickly on the web and by cherry picking the services and software carefully from the explosion of web site services that have cropped up in the last ten years, you are able to have a site which will act as the hub for all your online development. Welcome to the Revolution.

Web Design